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What is ppTOP

ppTOP is open, extensible Python injector/profiler/analyzer.

The main idea is to inject a custom code inside Python process (already running or going to be launched) and analyze its behavior with no any code modifications.

Say no to "prints" and garbage in debug logs - now you have ppTOP. A modern MRI scanner for Python.


pip3 install pptop


ppTOP can be injected into any running Python process

or you can load Python program manually and profile its launch

To launch a program, press Ctrl+L or specify -w sec param in command line args to start it automatically after the specified delay.

Data from connected process is collected in real-time and displayed in table-based console UI, which can be easily extended with custom plugins.

All data tables can be scrolled, filtered, new data collection can be paused. In case of problems, any plugin can be re-injected at any time.


To start ppTOP, type


and then select Python process you want to inject to from the list.

Alternatively, you can start it with

pptop PID # or pptop PID-FILE

and specify the process from the command line.

If you want to analyze program startup, just type

pptop /path/to/program.py

The program will be loaded in waiting state, press Ctrl+L when you are ready.

To get a help for the current plugin, press F1 to display module documentation.


Plugins and keyboard shortcuts are configured by default in ~/.pptop/pptop.yml file (created automatically at first launch).

Standard plugins

Most of plugins contain 2 parts of code: one collects data inside profiling process, other display it in ppTOP UI. For the profiling process all plug-ins are invisible, safe and unloadable (at least they try their best :)

Console mode

With "`" button, remote Python console can be opened. It has no full functionality like a standard Python console, but supports all frequently used features, like importing modules, defining functions and variables, executing functions and loops etc.

Console has own remote globals, which are preserved until ppTOP quit and injected server is terminated.

Grab stdout/stderr

If launched with "-g" option, ppTOP will grab stdout/stderr of injected process and print it to local console. You can view local console without entering console mode, by pressing Ctrl+O.


Configuration, troubleshooting, advanced usage, plugin development: https://pptop.bma.ai/doc/


Enjoy! :)